Texting and Driving… It Seemed OK at the Time…

This is the story of how Liz’s car accident from texting while driving has changed her and her family’s lives forever.

If you get a text, don’t look at it while you’re driving. It’s not worth it. Take it from Liz and her mom…

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1 Response to Texting and Driving… It Seemed OK at the Time…

  1. alanjryland says:

    This is one of the most dangerous and yes, sorry to say it, stupid things you can do as a driver. Your damn text can wait. You’re on the road. Your driving a hunk of metal from point A to point B – how can this NOT go wrong from taking your eyes off the road even for just a brief second? That’s all it takes.

    My heart does go out to families – they do not deserve to suffer, no one does. It makes me sad. But there’s no reason why anyone should be texting while driving. None.


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