3 Hours Of “Harassment’ In NYC

These guys set up to prove that women being harassed while walking down the street is BS… So they sent a very handsome guy (way more attractive than the woman in the original video), with a very tight shirt and very noticeable pecs, to walk down the street…

You see? Men suffer harassment too?


By the way… notice the name of the company that shot the video…

(and yes, I’m a woman…)

This is the video they are talking about… Click here.

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14 Responses to 3 Hours Of “Harassment’ In NYC

  1. hessiafae says:

    I would agree that women can be just as bad. I guess it’s not so terrible to be plain. Wish I’d known in high school what a curse physical beauty really is!


  2. C.P. says:

    It still wasn’t nearly as bad as when the men did it to the female in that video…… of course there are women catcaller’s but there is no comparison to the female version


  3. B Ogden says:

    That most certainly does not mean that the woman who walked the streets was NOT harassed! It simply means that the filters are gone from many people, who feel free to say or do anything to a stranger because they do not expect consequences. I’m here to tell you that even at past seventy, it does not stop. I was ushering at a local theater and an oaf grabbed my bottom and really pinched it with his ham hands. as he came through the door behind me. I lashed out at him immediately to the astonishment of everyone around me. One woman even had the stupidity to say I should take it as a compliment. I did not. I was horrified, and threatened to kick him “you know where” if he ever tried that again. An attorney who was present told him, during intermission, he had better clean up his act as I could sue him.


  4. caroline says:

    Love it. If you Americans call this harassment I want some. Glad you put that silly woman back in her box.


  5. G says:

    I believe this is a very bogus video. If you REALLY watch, we don’t really hear what is being said, they are captions you read. I’m not saying guys aren’t harassed. But this little video, I believe is a fake…. Just my opinion…


    • Longknife21 says:

      Heh. If you listen to the video, instead of reading the captions, the words being captioned are identical to the words being spoken.


  6. Laura says:

    I think the difference is that women are physically smaller so it definitely feels more threatening walking alone on the street- especially that guy that walked beside her! I was surprised at all the women that yelled out things though!


  7. raf says:

    it is not true issues


  8. grundlethief says:

    Video makes you think a bit, it makes me believe that catcalling isn’t an attack on women its just something guys do (not condoning it, but its true). Considering the most blatant harassment in this came from gay guys, maybe all these anti-catcalling advocates should look at the way men are expected to initiate social interactions.


  9. michelle says:

    Lol, definitely not the same. Most of the remarks came from gay men not women. One girl asked for a number got no response than stopped instead of following him.


  10. Martin Ich says:

    Well let just say that, if someone is attractive (regardless if man or women) they will be harassed by people. In a perfect world I would say that harassment should not happen, but as it is I suggest that wearing at least one size bigger and avoid clothes that are body tight (as in both Videos the case) it will help. So be aware of harassment and help prevent it, but don’t fool yourself it will probably never be gone. Look at the racism and homophobia. =/


  11. Eyan says:

    I’m just having a problem with the fact that the person who wrote this article is so stuck in a women are a victim of society mentality, and believing that the same things don’t happen to men.


  12. Blue Sky says:

    if you have a close look at the video, u will find out he is wearing a T-shirt, in the winter, and this is the only thing all the people talk about, not about him


  13. nick says:

    yawns woman need to get over ur selfs big small same shit that happened to you happened to men abd its the same as men you wana have the same rights then stop bitching you dont want men looking at you then dress like a woman and not a street hoe.


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