The BEST Fluffy Scrambled Eggs!

Follow these steps for soft, perfectly fluffy scrambled eggs every time…. I’m trying this tomorrow morning, you?

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8 Responses to The BEST Fluffy Scrambled Eggs!

  1. Matt Nelson says:

    So, pretty much the same way everyone has been doing scrambled eggs forever…….


  2. djmastermum says:

    Just stir it lol


  3. cak says:

    I guess the key ingredient is to use the worlds dirtiest spatula!


  4. hel says:

    That’s not scrambled egg, that’s just mushed up omelette. Scrambled eggs are cooked in a pan with a small amount of milk, salt and pepper, bring to simmer mixing continually until cooked to your preference

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  5. Tai says:

    Actually if you use a little bit of milk instead of water it will be even more fluffier adding water is a heavier egg but still OK.


  6. That just made me hungry. But really, nothing new here.


  7. Mike says:

    He just stuffed up an omlette


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