Best Halloween Costume Ever!

This father created the BET Halloween costume ever for his daughter. It was so good, now everybody is asking him to make more for other kids. Let me show you the LED Stickman costume… Isn’t this CUTE?

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5 Responses to Best Halloween Costume Ever!

  1. anita huhn says:

    I think this is very good for kids ,they can see where they are going and parents can keep track of.


    • Pat Brockman says:

      I think this is such a great idea. What I like most about them is that they could be had fun by all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t discriminate! I’m a 79 yr old grandma and I’m excited about this! Great job!! 🎃👻🎃


  2. Vickie says:

    Love the stickman costume. Clever idea.


  3. sarah fowerbaugh says:

    I think they should make them for the whole family!!!! That would be so amazing! I know I want one for my son!!!


  4. rosa5482 says:

    Love this! Can you make them for dogs?


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