Dog Plays Dead Every Time this Man Picks Him Up…

This is the deal… This Chihuahua is only happy when in the old man’s arms… He’s not very fond of Daniel, on the other hand… Every time Daniel picks him up, this dog simply plays dead… Dogs have the funniest ways to show who they love and who they don’t…

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10 Responses to Dog Plays Dead Every Time this Man Picks Him Up…

  1. alanjryland says:

    Dogs are too much! That’s clever and cute!


  2. mhardycass says:

    Thats too cute. Gta share this!


  3. saywhat? says:

    How can you think this is cute? That poor puppy is completely terrified, and for them to continue doing that to him is abuse.


  4. Jackie Boehm says:

    NOTHING cute here at all. 😦 Dog is plainly traumatised & does not like him. He even stops breathing. What is funny about that? 😦


  5. Here this man say …”GET HIM, GET HIM, BITE HIM, BITE HIM?’ I don’t find this funny at all. When I was a kid there were neighbors that bred and raised Chihuahua’s and they were vicious little dogs__would bite you in a heartbeat just because__they don’t have to have a reason. I’m not saying all Chihuahua’s are like this, but this man’s actions can endanger any person that gets around that dog.


    • Sallu says:

      OMG give it a rest. I have chihuahuas he isn’t traumatized. If a chi bit you he didn’t like you. So stay the hell away. ..


  6. harold alas says:

    he didnt stop breathing. he just didnt move at all


  7. lprasajahotmail says:

    chihuahuaaa cute…


  8. lprasajahotmail says:

    chihuahua too cute…


  9. Belinda T. says:

    Chihuahua, was just playing game to make everyone happy. Nothing wrong with that.!
    Dog lover don’t be so negative. I don’t see any abusive act on this video. !!! Chill ou!!!


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