Dog Loves Guinea Pigs!

Sunshade, that’s the dog’s name, always loved guinea pigs, but her family didn’t care much for it… Unfortunately, Sunshade was recently diagnosed with cancer, so her family thought may be they should get her some guinea pigs of her own… Check this out…

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3 Responses to Dog Loves Guinea Pigs!

  1. rkm53 says:

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    How cute


  2. What a cute story.


  3. Bob says:

    My wife Barbara Ann, who I lost to ovarian cancer, and I have had three Airedales. Terry, Kali, and Jake – three that I will never forget. They are loving beyond belief. We had to give the first two away sadly when we moved to a smaller home in another state. The third, Jake, stayed with us as long as he could and died when Barbara was sick. I think from mourning Barbara’s sickness. In any event, I love this video that you have shared with us. Thank you for caring for her.


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