“All of Me” Cover by Madison Tevlin

This astounding 12-year-old, is defying all statistics and odds associated with having Down’s Syndrome and Singing. She is a true inspiration to all! Beautiful!

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59 Responses to “All of Me” Cover by Madison Tevlin

  1. Granny Diane says:

    Madison you are a beautiful young lady and God has gifted you with a voice from heaven I love the song you choose to sing Hope hear you sing again


  2. jen says:

    Madison, my aunt is 46 years old and also has Downs. She graduated from high school, has enjoyed a long career and just retired last year. She has also played classical piano for over four decades and now has picked up painting too. You can do anything you put your mind to! Congratulations on your success and best of luck!


  3. James Ford says:

    Gorgeous, talented, inspirational singer. Well, well done Madison


  4. Melinda Fidler says:

    Awesome… precious… sweet… caring… courageous…


  5. Matt says:

    Just about the time I lose faith in humanity someone special. .a true gift from God.. just like this Angel remind me to not lose faith and too smile. Thank you sweetheart for your beautiful song. I will always remember the song and you. God bless you


  6. Joan E. Gray says:

    Madison, job well done. Very sweet song and you were just as sweet. The best to you in deciding what to do next, but don’t ever give up singing. Great Job!!!!!!!


  7. greenmanwood says:

    I’m in love! What an amazing performance from a truly inspirational young lady. I wish my daughter and you could meet, you two might be great friends! Brava!


  8. Carmen Bryant says:

    That was awesome and very inspirational! There is nothing like unconditional love!


  9. ayietim1 says:

    What a performance? Amazing.


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