Adorable Daddy/Daughter Standoff

15-month-old Lola puts her dad in his place! Man, she’s gonna be a handful when she grows up…

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13 Responses to Adorable Daddy/Daughter Standoff

  1. rosa says:

    Pretty much not the best way to ask a child to get down. So many better alternatives. Soft and tender words would do best, bet on it.


  2. Karyn says:

    She won ! Lol


  3. I loved it. Father and daughter so precious …


  4. Lisa says:

    She was adorable and she was just talking bs back to dad that was cute and sassy she has dad right in her😊😊😊


  5. barry A. says:

    they always do…it never ends… Daddy’s girl then and forever.. I should Know I have 4 daughters and they all have me wrapped around their little fingers.


  6. Teresa says:

    Seriously people? You think this is cute? It’s disrespectful to her father. This won’t be so cute when she tells her dad to piss off when she’s older. No wonder the kids of nowadays have absolutely no respect for their parents, teachers, and anyone else for that matter. Ask yourself, would this be so cute if she was 15? SMHID (shake my head in disgust)!!!!


  7. Ronnie Hazan says:

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  8. renell says:

    Yes she trying speak back to you, Looks and sound like she really saying something she wants him to understand


  9. Lisa Scogin says:

    Loid’s right, so back off, Teresa. 13 month old babies aren’t disrespectful to anyone. As far as her behavior when she is fifteen, my hope is that her parents are as engaging and delightful are they seem in their video. And I believe Lola will make a great big sister.


  10. Although it is cute now, she looks to be a sweetie playing a game with Daddy, it will very quickly stop being funny for the parents if they encourage this further. But what a sweet baby she looks to be MUAH!!!!


  11. ayietim1 says:

    Well, she is a sweet little baby but the correction and discipline process should begin now.


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