Did She Really Do That? :)

Is there any doubt this girl is going to grow up to be very outspoken. Look at what she did 15 minutes after she was born… I get it, I hated cameras on my face  right after I was born 😉

By te way her dad wanted to make 2 things very clear:

1: No, that is not a nipple, it is a small part of the areola you are seeing. The entire breast, nipple and all, is in the actual video, but was cut before uploading to youtube to get approved by the mother, sorry. 🙂

2: The white thing on her forehead is vernix caseosa, babies are covered in it when they are born and you do not wash it off, you leave it on, it is there to protect her sensitive skin.

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4 Responses to Did She Really Do That? :)

  1. shelia kidd says:

    Too funny, but mine never had that


  2. Julie says:

    Mine does the same thing and he also holds up a peace sine


  3. M. Stinson says:

    She really did do that. Funny or what? Look out world because here she comes!


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