Choppy Chan or Jackie Sticks…

A Jackie Chan portrait made of 64,000 CHOPSTICKS!!!

It wasn’t easy to choose the material for Jackie’s piece. He is a world famous actor, an exceptional martial arts fighter, an environmentalist, and one of the most well-known faces internationally! The artist, Red Hongyi, finally decided on chopsticks because Jackie had used them in some of the fighting scenes in his movies the Fearless Hyena and Karate Kid, and because chopsticks are Chinese. As he is also an environmentalist, she used disposable bamboo chopsticks to show that discarded materials can be reused and made into something meaningful and beautiful. This art installation is a tribute to the life, art and cultural significance of Jackie Chan.

Red spent a month collecting 64,000 chopsticks, in Zhejiang and in Beijing.


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3 Responses to Choppy Chan or Jackie Sticks…

  1. shazi says:

    Great idea …really impressed.


  2. shazi says:

    Great idea..


  3. Lambert says:

    Very nice, such patience yet artistic expression!


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