Ghost Car Disappears During Police Chase

WTH! The “Ghost Car” of Garden City, NY has been the subject of a few investigations. How is this possible? Pay close attention, first you see it and now … where is it? Do you have a theory about this Ghost car?

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4 Responses to Ghost Car Disappears During Police Chase

  1. Lon c says:

    It’s so obvious


  2. A paranormal show recreated that and figured out how he went through the fence. Basically he went to go through it, the fence raised up, then once he was through it dropped back down. No ghost just pure luck. He happened to go through the right part where it was able to lift as the car went underneath and it was dark so the cops couldn’t see it. The recreated it several times.


  3. tennille says:

    He waited to go in the fence a little bit further dwn then the car. There probably was a opening in the fence the cops didn’t see. They dnt want to tell us that because they would look like pure idiots.


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