The Piano Guys Visit a Nursing Home…

This is such an awesome idea! The Piano Guys decided to stage a spontaneous concert for people living in a nursing home… And boy did they have fun! Beautiful!

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7 Responses to The Piano Guys Visit a Nursing Home…

  1. woww…I like this


  2. Dale R says:

    Love it


  3. Angela says:

    I loved it made my night!


  4. Susan Fuchsman says:

    Simply Awesome. Thank you. Such feeling. Looking forward to more


  5. Sherri Holley says:

    That is not a nursing home. That is a retirement home. BIG difference. In retirement homes, they have plenty to do. Nursing homes, no. It would be great if they did go to nursing homes where the people have little or no entertainment or activities to enjoy.


  6. kristen says:

    I was a charge nurse in a nursing home for years and ice got to say u hit the nail on the head.MUSIC FILLS THW HEART AND SOUL!


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