If You Could Say ONE Thing to a Young Person…

The creators of this video felt there was so much wisdom in the elderly, they felt it’d be cool to collect some of it in a video… Let’s see what we can learn from this today…

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9 Responses to If You Could Say ONE Thing to a Young Person…

  1. ayietim1 says:

    Be truthful to yourself,
    Be honest to yourself,
    Do not care about what people say about you,
    Dream and live your dream,
    All the senior citizens agreed:
    Be Yourself, if you want to succeed.
    Thanks a lot for this video.


  2. Karen Winton says:

    My dad said when I left home, don’t buy a car you can’t push. I don’t know if he meant buy a stick shift or a small car, in any case I think he was right, there have been so many times I was glad I had a small car that I could push.


  3. Karen Winton says:

    He also said, don’t buy anything that eats or needs painting…that about covers everything, I wish I had listened to him!


  4. My elders always us to listen to the elders talk about lives and and their exspearences that we would learn a lot….


  5. My mother said it is all about wants and needs,always take of the needs first! Dad said be happy at your job, and he always said he took his (imaginary) don’t worry about it pills!


  6. Kathy Cotreau says:

    Live each day as if it is your last, you never know what tomorrow brings!


  7. doloers kern says:

    I feeling I hAve been around.long enough to give useful advice. Never do today what you may regrets tomorrow..


  8. Diane Besett says:

    Put down your electronic devises and have a real conversation with people who are not like you.


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