Beautiful Carved Trees

Can you believe this? Making trees from one single stick of wood… So fascinating to see him work too!

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9 Responses to Beautiful Carved Trees

  1. fheugly says:

    Wow nice


  2. Heritage Craft and Trade Demonstrator , I make flowers on the draw knife
    bench, (wood shave) the same way.


  3. abhishek says:



  4. donaldroy1929 says:



  5. As a rule I am not impressed with wooden crafts but these trees are beautiful. I plan to have the craftsman carve one for me to place in my fall decorations. Very impressive.


    • Per Kele says:

      As a rule, huh? Well, as a craftsman, AND as a rule, I usually tell people like you to drop dead at the door, because I wouldn’t make anything for you even if you offered 10,000 for something I might ask only a 100 for. I can only hope the craftsman makes it out of something so brittle that it breaks in your hands as you “place it in your fall decorations”.


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