Amazing Illusion

I can never be unhappy when I get a 20 dollar bill… but the bill itself could be happy or sad…  Check these fascinating optical illusions!

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7 Responses to Amazing Illusion

  1. N Rose says:

    Do you think everything is “SUPER COOL”..????????…IT’S ANNOYING,MAN..! ! ! !


  2. casey donley says:

    really cool simple tricks for the family


  3. anna says:

    It was ok. Not the coolest thing ever, but it was cool. U should also show the twin towers on the back of the $20 bill. You can actually see where it looks like an explosion


  4. Andy says:

    The last one doesn’t work if you wear glasses.


  5. Treshaun Taylor says:

    Wow amazing never seen something like it


  6. John says:

    If you say “super cool” one more time I’m going to lose my mind!


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