Maroon 5 Crashes a Few Weddings

Maroon 5 did this for their new music video “Sugar,” from their latest album, V. How do you think brides and grooms reacted to the surprise? Wonder no more!

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13 Responses to Maroon 5 Crashes a Few Weddings

  1. Teri Crow says:

    This is such an awesome gesture. You guys are the best….love your music! ❤


  2. donille james says:

    That is Awesome. How this group made a special day even more special for those couples and their families. Lovin Maroon 5


  3. Sandy Randall says:

    Hard to believe that is authentic when all the couples and their party attendants are models.


  4. vicktoria says:

    I love it. How this group made a special day event more special for those a couple and thier family. Maroon 5 crashes a few wedding. Yah😄. …..vicktoria


  5. dalia says:

    that was beautiful that was very nice love It. awesome!


  6. Chris says:

    Sandy Randall are you just the Negative Nancy…….LMAO


  7. Dom says:

    These guys in the ‘marriages’ got to be models. I didn’t see him in my friend’s marriage ._.


  8. Gail Leach says:

    Thank you Adam. I am a 75 year old woman who lives in Rosarito, Mexico, Baja Ca. This brought me to tears. To see the look on the people’s faces and also yours to be able to give of yourself that way. Thank You for all that you do behind the scenes that no one hears about.


  9. mosesharianto says:

    awesome! i cant imagine what can i do if you come to my wedding party… cool things ever… 🙂


  10. I agree that this was a wonderful gesture, however I have to agree it’s a little ironic that every single couple is so good looking. Were they chosen ahead of time? Was this part of a contest? Or was it truly spontaneous? Maybe there are some bloopers with the less than attractive couples? LOL


  11. Randy Heatherington says:

    I’ve watch this video 25 times and I’ll probably watch it another 25 times. It has great music/lyrics, with a brilliant idea, and colourful people, with amazing results. This has the same effect as Nottinghill. When someone who is famous comes into your life, even for only a little while, or a lifetime. Its all magical !!


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