How to Color Tint a Mason Jar

Take a clear mason jar and color tint it to the antique blue look or any color you would like.

Materials needed: mason jar, decoupage glue (Modge Podge), plastic cup, food coloring, wax paper or tin foil, and oven. It will cost a couple dollars at most!

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10 Responses to How to Color Tint a Mason Jar

  1. That’s really neat !


  2. lodie miller says:

    Great video love the jar an it’s simple to do even I can do it😊thanks


  3. murlann vaine says:

    You keep saying super glue you might want to let your viewer know it is hot glue.


  4. Jessica says:

    What degrees You cook out at


  5. S. Evans says:

    Easy to follow instructions.😄


  6. shannon Word says:

    What temp for oven?,


  7. Martha says:

    great Idea!


  8. Nancy says:

    That was a great project with the Mason jar. I would like to make hanging kitchen lights or on the side of the beam. Thank you.


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