The Simple Message That Brought This Middle School Class to Tears

Marc Mero has achieved incredible success in sports and entertainment, reaching the top of the professional wrestling industry as a former WCW and WWE Champion.

Today he defines success very different – if just one life is changed for the better each day, each week, or each year, he has surpassed any achievement he has ever set out to reach.

His important message of hope and positivity has made a difference in countless lives, and you can help us share this with others!

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6 Responses to The Simple Message That Brought This Middle School Class to Tears

  1. omokaro81 says:

    Yes the best thing in life is to afeect others positively


  2. 2bsisters says:

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    Truly amazing, that a man with many highs and lows can reach the emotions of children. Speakers like Marc Mero help the youth understand life is precious and relationships can help or hurt you.


  3. judy chenard says:

    so touching…..I cried…..Moms are your best friends….so glad he straightened out….good for you and God bless your mom…….


  4. I don’t know this guy. I follow a real sport like football! 🙂


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    Very touching. Teach kids love. Don’t put the battle before your kids.


  6. Simple and yet so touching and real. The good impact we have on others – personal relationships such as the one with our mothers – being positive – it all makes a difference.


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