Deer Tangled in Christmas Lights

You don’t believe good people exist? Watch this video, it will restore your Faith in Humanity! They found a deer in their backyard that had gotten tangled up in someone’s Christmas lights. They were tangled around his antlers and leg. So they decided to help. God Bless Them! Take a look, what would you have done?

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16 Responses to Deer Tangled in Christmas Lights

    • June Cox says:

      Thank God for people who loved this Deer I was scared he was going to run then would have really been in trouble thank this loving couple for beefing there for the Deer God Bless


  1. Awesome, the world should have more people like you.


    • Tony says:

      Like people that post a 7min movie in which you cannot see how the end was obtained?

      Anyway, props to the folks that helped the deer…


  2. CC says:

    Fabulous job!! Wonderful thing you did for this poor, confused (and magnificent) creature 🙂


  3. That was awesome to watch very caring people to take the patience to do that


  4. lisa says:

    I wish there was more people like that in this world….


  5. Linda says:

    Patience! Great job.


  6. judy chenard says:

    fantastic job…..good for you… of God’s beautiful creatures….thanks


  7. Denise Sanford says:

    Kudos for helping that animal, I would have done the same!


  8. June Cox says:

    Thank God for that couple for freeing that poor Deer I was afraid it was going to run and don’t know what it would have done


  9. June Cox says:

    What is moderation?


  10. June Cox says:

    Thank God for that couple that cut that poor deer free , I was afraid it was going to run away and didn’t know what would happen to it. Now I can go to bed knowing it is free


  11. Janice lindwall says:

    Lucky deer! He stumbled into the right yard. It’s like he knew you were going to help but couldn’t trust it. Glad it ended well!


  12. Cynthia L. Shipp says:

    the Lord and Mother Nature. The deer hunting them down instead of vice a versa.


  13. Cynthia L. Shipp says:

    grateful to non hunters and then she found them instead of the other way around and wasn’t I don’t know I don’t know how they can kill find it pleasurable.


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