Would You Live In A Microhome?

Dee Williams used to live in a 2,000-square-foot, 3-bedroom home. Then she traveled to Guatelama (to help build a schoolhouse) and when she came home her house felt too big so built herself a home that fit. That turned out to be a 84-square-foot foot home on wheels that cost her $10,000: $5000 for the materials (mostly salvaged) and the other half for the solar panels and low-E (low thermals emissivity) windows.

She spent 3 months building her new home in Portland, Oregon and then hitched it to her truck and parked it in the backyard of her good friends Hugh and Annie in Olympia, Washington.  So, what do you think, Would you live in a tiny house like this one?

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8 Responses to Would You Live In A Microhome?

  1. ayietim1 says:

    That will depend on the course I am pursuing or the lesson I want to teach some people. Anyways, we should be ready to adjust to changes in an ever changing world where nothing is constant, except change itself.


  2. Cheryl Machuga says:

    Not that small and id have to have electricity, plumbing etc but yes you dont need a big home to live in.


  3. where does she keep her clothes? I love this place she built. Love the way she thinks!


  4. Gayle K. says:

    Yes I could and I may!


  5. Sarantis Nino Stamboulakis says:

    Dee, you are a treasure. What a wonderful life!


  6. some details are missing as to storage: Clothes dishes pots even the Swedish log cabins have a bit more space. Nice lady with great recycle ideas


  7. rick says:

    Why not just buy a caravan?


  8. prokop says:

    Good ol’e Guatelama .. I love that place


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