Jumping On A Frozen Trampoline

Minnesota – It’s so cold that… you can freeze your trampoline 🙂  Now the jumping part part, well, you have to be a little crazy to that … Would you do it?

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8 Responses to Jumping On A Frozen Trampoline

  1. mjmsprt40 says:

    Would I do this? At first I would have said “no”. The danger would be all too apparent, and the fact that I don’t recover from injury as readily as I might have done 40 years ago makes me a little hesitant. Now that I see him do it though– it looks kinda fun. Might be worth a try.

    “Don’t do this at home folks. Do it somewhere else.”


  2. caroljcarp says:

    Yeah I’d do it! Just as long as I had on as many layers of clothing as he does! Looks like fun!


  3. Bash Dasterdly says:



  4. VictorD says:

    Later that day in the emergency room to remove ice shards from his eyes….


  5. Amy says:

    This guy has way too much time on his hands.


  6. judy chenard says:

    wow….I thought it would break…..wow


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