Pink Elephant Prank

JustForLaughsTV loaded this video to their youtube channel and this is what they wrote there…

“In this most epic prank ever we spike people’s drinks with LSD, let them drive around while the drugs take effect, and then have a fake cop pull them over. Once out of their vehicle, we paraded a pink elephant with yellow polka dots right in front of their faces but behind the police officer’s back – effectively making them believe we laced their drink with LSD, or that they’ve gone crazy. Now to think of it, maybe it wasn’t necessary to lace their drink with LSD in the first place.”

Now, of course there was no LSD involved here 🙂

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10 Responses to Pink Elephant Prank

  1. OMG, the pink elephant episode is brilliant! I have never laughed so hard in a long time:)


  2. dolores says:

    So funny. Really made. ME laugh


  3. mjmsprt40 says:

    I’m not finding it particularly funny. The pink elephant is one thing. That might be funny. The concept of putting something– LSD in this case– is NOT funny, and turns this prank into a very serious crime.
    Nobody would consider that slipping Roofies into a woman’s drink was the least bit funny regardless of the outcome. Roofies are “date rape” drugs.
    LSD is a powerful hallucinogen, and is not to be messed with. Here in the States, just being in possession of it is a felony, and getting it found in your system seriously messes up your life.
    I’ve had to deal with too many drunks and druggies who think slipping something into somebody else’s drink is funny, I’ve come to consider it not much different than criminal poisoning.

    Sorry, not funny McGee. Lace my drink with something, and I guarantee at least trying to get the person who did it arrested. Yeah, better believe I’ll press charges.


    • Sarah says:

      They made the comment at the bottom that LSD wasn’t involved if you actually red what was in the article.


    • UseYourBrain says:

      did you read that there was NO lsd drugs used or did you just read the heading and went with it read the whole artical before you comment save yourself the embarassment. Geeze people.

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      • mjmsprt40 says:

        One comment for all the replies to my comment: Yes, I did read the whole thing before replying the first time. My comment stands as is. Put something in someone else’s food or drink– or imply that you did– and— in my never-to-be-humble opinion you have committed a crime. This was done to mess with people’s minds and make them believe their heads were affected by LSD. The fact that they didn’t actually put LSD in the victim’s drink— immaterial. It’s still a crime, or ought to be if it’s not.

        Ha, ha, very funny. And every woman who is surreptitiously administered Roofies and wakes up the next morning half naked in a strange motel room engaged in consensual sex because “she didn’t say no and she didn’t resist”. You and I both know it doesn’t work like that.

        The LSD thing turned a funny prank into a criminal thing—- and that is pretty much that.


    • Shawn says:

      Give it a rest bud.


  4. Animal abuse! This elephant finally has peace Rip.


  5. Antoinette Bacquelin says:

    It is a shame…and not funny…that make me sick, let’ s share the link, and all world people gonna tell you if it is funny…


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