Sock Snowman!

Don’t throw your old, white socks away! Recycle them to create this funny, little Sock Snowman to cheer you up this snowless winter 😉  Oh man I have so many pairs of old socks, and the holes can make the eyes of the snowman 😉

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11 Responses to Sock Snowman!

  1. Angela Pendleton says:

    This so lovely! What a super idea!..


  2. Vitalia Meadows says:

    Love the easiest way of making such cute stuff. Teach arts and crafts
    before during summer but this is a great idea for my next Christmas decor. Thanks.

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  3. JoAnne Damico says:

    Need easy fun crafts. Never any time


  4. I like crafts do with grand kids or for them


  5. WENA king says:



  6. Diane Morgan says:

    Loved the snowman. I’ve been looking for the website for the snow flakes and saw the video. It was the exact one I was needing. Thanks


  7. carol says:

    She makesnit look so easy


  8. Please tell me when you have new things to watch and create. says:

    It”s always nice to create fun things that are not expensive.


  9. Lee Ann Wilbern says:

    Would love to get your craft book. I clicked on subscribe but it did not go any where


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