Rescued Fox Loves Her Human Friend

This is Dawn, one of the Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary‘s 6 resident foxes that cannot be returned to the wild.

The majority of animals they get in are injured wildlife that are aimed to be returned into the wild. However, Dawn was a young fox that was taken into a dog rescue center because the person that found her thought she was a dog!

When they realized she was a fox, she was taken to the Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary but it was too late, because she was too tame and this meant that she wouldn’t be able to look after herself in the wild.

Dawn is not a pet, and we do not recommend any fox or wild animal as a pet…

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9 Responses to Rescued Fox Loves Her Human Friend

  1. ayietim1 says:

    Hi, .

    You have a way of capturing strange moments. Most of them tell us great stories which only those with depth in thinking can interpret. In this world now, genuine love is lacking and it’s in short supply but we can learn how to show true love, sincere affection, heart-felt appreciation and care. We need to create an environment where everybody can live in peace and tranquility. And we can learn this from the most unlikely of teachers: animals. Thanks for the great job you are doing, please do not stop!


  2. Brandon says:

    “Dawn is not a pet . . . .” Somebody needs to tell Dawn that. And the caretaker. 🙂


  3. Suzie says:

    It’s a shame that the man can’t keep her as a pet considering how much she loves him. I hope he is allowed to visit her often at the sanctuary.


  4. elaine says:

    LOVE these real!


  5. Trudie says:

    Amazing what love can do to a wild animal. Incredible.


  6. Freda mims says:

    This let everyone knows, theirs lots of caring people. Living here on earth. God bless.
    this man.


  7. I hope they gave her a parasite shot. Foxes are known to carry a parasite that can be dangerous to humans.


  8. ste says:

    That’s class made me smile 🙂


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