Man drives $75 truck To Work for 38 years

Who doesn’t remember their first car…. Mine was a Chevy Malibu Wagon. Oh man, I miss that car so much….That’s why I admired this guy… Bob Sportel was in his early 20s and needing a cheap ride to work, when he paid $75 for a rusty Chevrolet pickup truck. He never imagined he’d be driving it into his own retirement. This week Sportel retired from his job at the Prinsburg Farmers Co-op, still driving to work in the same 58-year-old truck.

“It kept going so I just kept driving it,” says Sportel, who had tried to negotiate the price down to $50 before paying the local farmer who owned the truck his asking price. What a wonderful story… So, what was the FIRST car you owned?

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6 Responses to Man drives $75 truck To Work for 38 years

  1. Wish you a happy new year


  2. Kris says:

    Fajna fura, tyle lat i śmiga. I Zlomnik docenił, hehe


  3. troop'eck says:

    Gość ma pojazd, który ma jeździć, a nie lansować się pod prywatnym przedszkolem. Good for him.


  4. John says:

    Grandpa did own the same one – when i was young i did shit inside.

    dziadek tez takiego miau – robiuem w nim jeszcze kupe jak byuem brzdonsem.


  5. wojteksend says:

    i gitara też bym jeździł aż koła odpadno


  6. Rafał says:

    Very nice CAR 🙂 Happy new Year 🙂


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