What My Dog Does When I Leave!

So, this guy’s buddy got a GoPro. They decided to put it on his dog to see what he does when they leave. This is an edited version of what followed. Take a look, because your dog probably does the same 🙂

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9 Responses to What My Dog Does When I Leave!

  1. bevs says:

    yes..he just missed you so much..


  2. jose says:

    omg that was o sad… made me cuddle up with my dog…


  3. michelle passalacqua says:

    I didn’t know a dog loved a human so much


  4. stacey says:

    Thats sad…


  5. Wilma says:

    We take some time to tell our dogs that we are going for so and so long and that we are coming back. When we are actuele leaving they seem to understand and are very calm.


  6. It makes me sad to think they do that each and every day.


  7. We found out that our 1 dog was very lonely when we left the house. So we got a pup to keep him company. It was a great fit for both dogs. The timing was perfect. That pup was going to be put down in three days. The onwer did not want any puppies. So he had the patents put down by a vet, next wad having the 3 babies put down. My vet was really mad when I told him the story. He is a


  8. ashley says:

    Poor baby has severe separation anxiety. He/she needs a mate to roam with while tthe owners are away. Can cause a dog great stress.


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