The Christmas Shoes

This is such a beatuful Christmas song… It’s about a boy that wants to buy his mom a pair of shoes for Christmas, but he doesn’t have enough money… Will he be able to afford them? The answer is in this video…

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3 Responses to The Christmas Shoes

  1. Ferdi Peleti says:

    I’ve watched the video and it touch my heart I know the feeling and I want to wish the little kid and his mum a merry Xmas from me I’m not with my family this year but wish you and your family a merry Christmas from me God Bless your soul suck a touching song

    God Be With You xoxoxo


  2. Ferdi Peleti says:

    I mean such a touching song sorry my bad 🙂 god bless


  3. Luann Cutaiar says:

    I saw the movie “The Christmas Shoes” and it was based on the same story. Awesome! Just awesome how the little boy loved his mom so much..


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