Targeted Police Traffic Stops in Missouri Bring Drivers to Tears!

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Department was out looking for people. And when they spotted them, they went after them in a sting operation the likes of which this country has never seen.

What made this operation especially unusual was the man behind it: a fellow in a red hat — known to these men only as “Secret Santa.”

Every year this anonymous, wealthy businessman gives out about a hundred thousand dollars worth of hundred dollar bills to random strangers. But this year, instead of doing it all himself, he “deputized” these deputies to give away much of it. “Let’s start with a thousand,” Secret Santa said as he gave the deputies the money.

And so, armed to the teeth with Benjamins, the officers went out to do Santa’s bidding. They specifically went after people they thought would appreciate it most. Cars driving while dented were likely targets.

I love it when people do nice things for other people…

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7 Responses to Targeted Police Traffic Stops in Missouri Bring Drivers to Tears!

  1. alanjryland says:

    This is absolutely awesome! Bring on the goodwill!


  2. John Westby says:

    It bought tears to my eyes also, well done America, from an Australian.


  3. Anthony Adkins says:

    For me seeing good, of it bringing joy & happiness to other’s, it’s simply amazing and wonderful. God Bless & Merry Christmas to Everyone


  4. Karin Hughen says:

    So awesome!!To see these people’s reaction.It’s so nice that the secret santa has an heart of gold. God bless him!!


  5. Karin Hughen says:

    So awesome!Too see the people’s reaction towards this generosity. Secret santa is so generous and made a lot of people happy!! God bless him!!


  6. Margaret Wilson says:



  7. Jacque Brown says:

    Good to see generosity given instead of killings by cops!!


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