The Only Brownie Mix You’ll Ever Need this Holiday

Eggs and flour transform chocolate-hazelnut spread into these subtly sweet, cakey brownies.

You’ll be so amazed how easy this recipe is, that you’ll want to make this for all your loved ones. The bonus is it makes a delectable holiday gift!

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4 Responses to The Only Brownie Mix You’ll Ever Need this Holiday

  1. Alma says:

    I assume that is a one-cup measure of flour, since your video does not say!


  2. dee says:

    I cant watch this as it comes up “Video is Private”


  3. Bonnie says:

    Please list the amounts of ingredients. I would love to make this but how many eggs, and how much flour????


  4. sultrylady says:

    Oprah, you’ll never be thin but you’ll be sick if you keep eating recipes such as this. Processed flour and sugar are toxic!


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