Little Girl Amazes The Church When She Starts Singing

It was  Christmas Eve in 2011. Parishioners at the the Christian Fellowship Church where celbrating Christmas. And then a 7-year-little-girl  stunned everyone , she stood before the congregation and grabbed the microphone to sing. It was the sound of an angel! Her name is Kaitlyn Maher and that day she sung an original arrangement of “What Child is This.” This is so beautiful!

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3 Responses to Little Girl Amazes The Church When She Starts Singing

  1. Kathy Woods says:

    OMG beautiful what a voice


  2. Diane McKay says:

    Beautiful! But this was hardly spontaneous. It’s quite obvious that this is a child prodigy and has had musical training. Plus, it does not appear that the musicians backing her up were unaware that she was going to perform. They backed up her up perfectly, knowing just when to pause the music. She has quite a musical career ahead of her.


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