Silent Night Fire…

A house fire, most likely sparked by faulty Christmas tree lights, envelopes a living room in a shocking 46 seconds.

Check your Christmas tree lights are in good condition, turn them off before you go to bed and be safe at home over the festive season.

Keeping your tree well watered can also prevent fire from taking hold.

Fire kills – you can prevent it.

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5 Responses to Silent Night Fire…

  1. Bizzle Da Prince says:

    Or just don’t put the God forsakened thing up in the first place


  2. mjmsprt40 says:

    Pine trees have pine tar in them, which comes as no great surprise. What DOES come as a surprise is that pine tar and pine needles make a fierce-burning fuel. Bringing an enormous and furiously active volcano into your house would almost be safer.

    There’s a lot to be said for artificial trees– they’re safer, last longer and can be made to imitate the look and smell of real trees. But, if your heart is set on having a real tree in your house– the safety issues can’t be emphasized enough.


  3. Barb says:

    Wow scarey thanks for info


  4. Brian says:

    Christmas tree fires average around 250 each and every year. DO NOT be one of them, you not only lose the tree and gifts, you greatly increase your risk of losing your life and your childs’. Tree fires are more accidental, candle fires cause over 10,000 fires a year and they are your fault, especially around the holidays. Use trees correctly, burn candles CORRECTLY. Learn to be safe, and save a life.


    • mjmsprt40 says:

      Here’s something frightening: Before electric light, they used to use candles in Christmas trees. Talk about king-size bad ideas— candles in quite possibly one of the most flammable things (a pine tree) that you could bring into your house. I wonder how they ever got away with something like that.


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