Who’s Throwing Snowballs to These Horses???

Remember this Budweiser commercial? I do and I love it! So cute… Young horses vs adult horses… Who’ll win?

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6 Responses to Who’s Throwing Snowballs to These Horses???

  1. love love love the clydesdale horses & babies –enjoyed video-clip //


  2. shirley clark says:

    love this


  3. Christine Wasserman says:

    The most smartest group of horses I live those Clydesdales I get chills every time I see them performing


  4. Christine Wasserman says:

    Just love them perform . Beautiful please send me all the videos of the Clydesdales. They have great posture and very ntellligent


  5. Kathy Mathews says:

    I love this, I love these horses. 🙂 🙂


  6. bleeking44@yahoo.com says:

    That is great


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