Unbelievable Color changing car Prank!!!

This unbelievable Color changing car prank will leave in stitches. The car is a Subaru WRX STI 2015, the way it changes colors, well you have to see it… What would you do if you were one the unsuspected passers by?

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10 Responses to Unbelievable Color changing car Prank!!!

  1. danni says:

    this is shite…worst ever…fuck i hope they arnt in the UK !!! lol


  2. Enrique & Joanna Embry says:

    Very, very funy and good.


  3. Bellaboo says:

    Guy wearing the ” sick” sweatshirt”is cute.but that’s sick how did the colors change..that would look cool on my civic lol


  4. Mike says:

    where can I buy this paint?


  5. Mike says:

    It is available to buy it somewhere online or in store?


  6. karmen says:

    you can buy this paint from here :www.bitly.com/blackgold101


  7. Carl williams says:

    can you buy paint that will change like seem in the prank? Would be good to know. Thanks


  8. KTO says:

    Ahh good old Adobe After Effects, nothing beats a good fake!


  9. th3genie says:

    you can read more about the paramagnetic paint from here:


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