10 Things You Can Clean with Lemon!

We’ve seen videos on how to clean with baking soda, vinegar, Windex and rubbing alcohol… But how about cleaning with lemons??? Really cool tips!

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10 Responses to 10 Things You Can Clean with Lemon!

  1. BEARCAT says:

    I put lemon peels in my garbage disposal and it cost me $125.00 to unclog my drain. I won’t be doing that one again 😦


  2. Patty Orsborn says:

    Great tips . I’ve used lemon for a long time . Thank you .


  3. angel says:

    Yep! Any good plumber will tell you, citrus and potato peels are a good way to get them some work!


  4. Sharon Virgil says:

    You can steam clean you microwave with just the cup of water. Use cooking oil spray on your grater & spoons, spatula, etc. to keep food from sticking for easy clean up! Spray foil lightly and cover iced cakes, cheesy dishes to keep from sticking!


  5. Ramanan says:



  6. Barry says:

    Lemon is a great cleaner for taking grease off lawn mowers , spray bottles you can get a LOWES


  7. bruce says:

    What is the best way to get a crease out of a large rug..thx!bruce


  8. Ida Winn says:

    Can You Clean Your Stove With A Lemon Also?


  9. Majik says:

    The best part of cleaning with lemon is the fresh scent afterward. It is effective, natural and smells great. Lemon also makes a good astringent.


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