How to Make a Perfect Fried Egg!

We all think we know how to make the perfect fried egg. After watching this you are going to be sure you know how to do it. Here’s the best way  to fry a perfect egg. Sunny side up, over, soft, medium, or well. Enjoy it and SHARE with your Friends…

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4 Responses to How to Make a Perfect Fried Egg!

  1. Naufal says:

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  2. Adam Joseph says:

    This is how i made mine when i was 13 🙂


  3. max says:

    You birt that egg you retard. I hope you dont try to become a cheff.


  4. Cill says:

    Perfect for me is like this minus the crusty areas. I turn the pan down right before I drop the egg in. Low to med-low. Depends on your stove. You only want it to barely sizzle. Putting a lid on it helps it to cook faster, but not hotter. That being said, IF you like crispy or crusty eggs, those were perfect med-over eggs.


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