The Turkey Was Pregnant!

This is hilarious… It seems she’s very gullible and did not know turkeys are born from eggs… They stuffed a Cornish hen inside the turkey and asked her to get the filling out… Her reaction… PRICELESS!!!

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149 Responses to The Turkey Was Pregnant!

  1. mike shannon says:

    that was a cracking joke on a naive young girl…….some idiots on here have mocked her, I bet most are a few sandwiches short ofv a picnic…….I was once sent for 2 yards of umbilical cord, oh and a long WEIGHT I saw the4 funny side later in the day…..


  2. Ken Heathman says:

    That preg Turkey was so good. She had no idea


  3. Finn Bæk says:

    Born Again, Is this the proof that we CAN enter mothers womb Again? No, the chicken did NOT enter her hen-mother Again, but a turkey’s womb!!


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