Irish Wolfhound Is Afraid of Steps

Poor Walter… Every morning he has to tackle the stairs… the struggle is real…

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10 Responses to Irish Wolfhound Is Afraid of Steps

  1. Marilyn says:

    I suspect back leg or back problems. I would get Walter checked out.


    • Terry says:

      Seriously? Back or leg problems – NOT I have had Wolfies for for 25 years I have a 4 1/2 year old and will be getting my IW puppy about the middle of Feb. from a breeder who has some of the top hounds in the world. The pup will be my 5th IW NONE of them liked stairs. I just put another rug down where he enters onto a wood we live in the suburban Chicago I agree with Marti C. Slippery floors or even carpeted stairs – IW’s DON’T like them. Puppies outgrow their fear!!!


      • Grace Siegel says:

        the two things that popped into my mind first were: maybe he is in pain & adding a carpet would likely help with traction. Marilyn typed what she did out of concern for the dog. you could’ve replied way more politely and with more understanding


  2. Marti C. says:

    Walter is afraid of the slick floor…he needs rugs down on either side. His feet slip!


  3. Sharyn Arthur says:

    DUH, idiot people. Its the flooring not the step. I have giant breed dogs myself and they are terrified of the laminate flooring. Throw rugs every where they step.


  4. carolyn bustamante says:

    My dog does this .. He will not walk on the dining room floor unless he turns in reverse and backs into a close bedroom doorway then turns crouches down and walks out on the tips of his nails!! soo funny to watch!! I cant figure it out


  5. kwagoner says:

    Get him a rug/runner.


  6. Dianne Capes says:

    i think he has sight problems !!
    check out his eyes….


  7. Terry says:

    I agree! See my reply to Marilyn about IW’s being afraid of stairs! Wolfhounds are smart sturdy dogs. Why do people assume it’s some serious problem AND this was a puppy.


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