DIY Holiday Gift: Snow Globes!

This is really cool! I’m always looking for ways to be original with my presents. And these are even inexpensive presents! And think about it… Even eco-friendly πŸ˜‰

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5 Responses to DIY Holiday Gift: Snow Globes!

  1. Lois Francis says:

    My neighbors have a 6 year old grand-daughter who comes to my house nearly every day. We always do crafts together. This would be a perfect project for us. Not even a messy one (thank goodness!!). This is the first time I’ve seen your video. I’ll be looking so forward for more projects for me and my little friend (she says I’m her BFF).to do. Thanks so much!! Happy Holidays!!!! P.S. I don’t know what you mean by website at the bottom of the page. You will have to explain that to me.


  2. Betty patterson says:

    I w
    Like this but I think I’ve used mineral oil in them when my kids was little which was 30 years plus. Have you tried this with mineral oil, if so let me know how this done. I really don’t remember. Thank you and Merry Christmas


  3. Mary Ann kirk says:

    Hi I watched you make those snow globes and they were really pretty. I want to try to make some can u send me the stuff u need to make them? Thank you


  4. Carrie Rivera says:

    Great Christmas gift.Thanks for sharing.


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