How to Make Fudge in the Microwave!

Microwave Fudge is wonderfully creamy, smooth and melts in your mouth. Learn how to make this simple fudge recipe using just 5 ingredients and a microwave! I’m trying this one right now, and impress my wife with it…..

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11 Responses to How to Make Fudge in the Microwave!

  1. sultrylady says:

    OMG! How disgusting. Sweetened condensed milk is just processed sugar….yuck.

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  2. Rita M Platt says:

    However, when you watch the recipe, the milk appears to be evaporated milk (e.g Carnation milk) rather than sticky, sweet condensed milk (as in Nestlés), so, which one is it?


  3. Robert Marquis says:

    Can you use this for peanut butter fudge?


    • Yeah. You use the 9″ square pan lined with tin foil and a light spray of Pam©. In microwave safe bowl add 1 cup of you favorite brand of smooth peanut butter, add a cup(230g) of unsalted butter cut into tiny pieces(to melt easier) and 1/4 tsp of salt or you can just use a cup(230g) of salted butter cut into tiny pieces and then you no longer need to add salt. Put the bowl in microwave for 1-2 minutes based on the size of your microwave. Take bowl out and mix ingredients until completely mixed thoroughly. If needed use short bursts of 30 sec- 1 min to add more heat for mixing but don’t overheat. When thoroughly mixed, pour into bigger mixing bowl. Mix in 1 tsp pure vanilla abstract. Fold in 1 pound (450g) confectioners sugar aka powder sugar. Btw 1 pound = 4 cups. Mix together very well with baking spatula. Make sure thoroughly mixed til smooth. Pour into pan. Either use back of spoon to flatten out. You can use your hand to flatten and even out too. At this point it is very soft. Cover the top of the fudge with wrap and leave in fridge for 3-4 hours until nice and firm. Once firm take pan out of fridge and put on counter. Pull the fudge out by lifting the aluminum foil out and put on smooth surface. Smooth the sides down and the the fudge is in front of you ready to be cut in whatever size you would like.


  4. Chris Valentine says:

    I’ve been making this fudge for years, minus the butter and salt and everyone LOVES it. May have to try it with the butter. It is super easy. I love nuts so I often make a batch with chopped pecans. Thanks for sharing this.


  5. weeve says:

    Did you think fudge was made without sugar?
    Yummy stuff!


  6. pimaindian says:

    not sweetened condensed milk make it with evaporated milk. we make it all the time.


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