Dog Tries To Revive His Dead Friend

This might be the saddest video I’ve seen in a long time… This poor puppy seems to be trying to wake up its friend that’s been hit by a car…

The person that shot this video is a taxi driver from Mexico City who had to stop when the brown dog run in front of his car to go check on its friend. The taxi driver decided to stay and see what happened…

He says that before leaving, he moved the dog to the sidewalk so the other one would not be hit too.

So sad… Dogs are so beautiful… This proves that they really are loyal!

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14 Responses to Dog Tries To Revive His Dead Friend

  1. Kathy Crouch says:

    The sad thing is not only did the poor precious dog die but no one else stopped, they just looked and passed on by, that is not saying much for humanity… sad.


  2. Joy Loyd says:

    O this just breaks my heart. The person that hit the baby should have stopped. Makes me understand more the fact of my 13 yr old Rosko(with painful cancer tumors) as he layed in his bed 3 weeks ago, while his organs went into failure, my other Baby laying right next to him comforting him but also greiving that she knew he was going to cross over. Rosko, you will always be in my heart. R I P Rosko.


  3. jean shauger says:

    oh this is the saddest im crying oh


  4. dawn says:

    this poor pup. what is pissing me off is all the flipping cars just driving around them. Have you any sense of sympathy. Mr. Taxi man you stayed and watched this poor dog try to help his friend for what 2 min, then just moved him to the side of the road. Dont you have vets down their? The entire thing sickens me.


  5. Jane Rector says:

    This is so sad, why doesn’t someone stop?


  6. rose says:

    I can not believe no one stop to help does dogs out of the street. What is wrong with people now a days. So sad.What a world we live in. 😦


  7. J-Dogg says:

    And dogz still aren’t welcome in church. Keep your Jesus, I’ll love my dogz.


  8. Belinda says:

    The Brown Dog watched passerbys as if saying “Hey, excuse me, cud you stop pleez, ya see, my friend here needs some help…pleez? Oh, sorry, I see it too busy, that’s ok,here comes someone else,maybe they can help us…oh,guess not…


  9. Gerhardt says:

    Why film this? Why not rush to see if you can the pup? Maybe the human behind the camera could have done something? I guess sensation and a sad movie is worth more than saving a life?


  10. Roni says:

    Even if they are afraid that the dog may bite because he may feel threaten by a stranger while he/she is in distressed trying to help his/her friend they could of called animal control or the police. This made me cry so bad I developed an headache.


  11. tracey says:

    The dog has more compassion that the humans…whats has this world come too!!


  12. Karen says:

    One of the most saddest things I’ve ever watched


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