Great Dane Luke Skywalker Sees his First Ghost

Some people are so bored… Poor thing… Luke, the Great Dane is not a fan of Halloween and his mommy’s costumes…

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4 Responses to Great Dane Luke Skywalker Sees his First Ghost

  1. Carol says:

    That is just so mean to torment your dog like that! Pets hate Halloween. Get a clue!


  2. ann says:

    stupid humans to scare a dog, not funny only to idots


  3. Roger Dunn says:

    Poor Dog Run away and get rehomed with normal folk


  4. kristen says:

    I miss my.dane (Shade) she was 14 yrs old and.i had to put her to sleep ,on of the hardest tbings i ever had to do!.my
    Yeyes are filling with tears as i write tbis.THERE THERE,THE,GREATEST!


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