Baby Arguing With Her Dad

LOL! This 19 month old little girl, all of the sudden has an opinion on getting ready for bed.. So cute and funny, although, I believe she is going to be a handful when she grows up, right? 🙂

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5 Responses to Baby Arguing With Her Dad

  1. Victor . says:

    Very poor parenting, He should not argue with a child,


  2. raihandhk says:

    the baby is too adorable.


  3. Rebecca says:

    Seriously victor? That’s just a cute interaction between a father and his baby. He seems like a great dad!.. Lovingly explaining the order of presidence to her, invoking response from her, very calm and communicative with her, ….I didn’t know there could possibly be a human on this planet, after watching that short clip, that would conclude anything negative about the parenting… I feel sorry for Ya pal. You need to lighten up big time


  4. marty1@ says:

    Rebecca, your response was confusing. I have no idea what you were trying say. I can’t figure out if you think he’s a good father or you were being sarcastic and you think he isn’t. Kinda wore me out just reading your response.


  5. Cesar P. DeGracia says:

    She is cute and will grow up to be a willful girl. I think Dad should have carefully explained why she has to get dressed before she could continue playing. children at that age do not want to go to sleep. They have so much energy and playing is more enjoyable than going to sleep. The father is young. Raising a child is a hit and miss. Love and a caring attitude seem to work more than a harsh discipline. Cesar D.


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