Internet Pet Treat Delivery & Video Chat!

15-year-old girl Brooke Martin from Spokane, Washington hated to have to leave her dogs alone at home so she decided to create an amazing invention that would help her be in touch with her dogs at all times.  She asked her dad for help and came up with the iCPooch unit, which allows video calls between pooches and their owners. I think it is awesome, especially when you go on long trips and you miss your dogs (and they miss you) just to be able to say hi to them makes a huge difference… What do you think?

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3 Responses to Internet Pet Treat Delivery & Video Chat!

  1. Gemma Rawlins says:

    Would this be suitable for cats aswell hate leaving my cat when I get taken into hospital regularly I miss him sooo much n he misses me sooo much he cries when I go out to hospital appointments wat a great invention goodluck with this hope it is on the market soon xx♥♥xx.


  2. I see a great future for I C Pooch! If they can keep cost reasonable everybody who has indoor dogs would love to have one!.


  3. Connie Iguchi says:

    I have a wonderful dog that I hate to leave at home alone. She always shows signs of depression when I am gone for “too long” and always makes me aware of how glad she is to see me when I return. She is just a great remarkable companion to me and this sounds like a really great way to let her know I love her and being able to give her a treat even when I ‘m away really sounds perfect! Providing I can afford it, I am definately interested in participating!


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