Fantastic Fungi: The Spirit of Good

Wow, this is so mesmerizing! The fungal-fantastical. Emerging from their axial homes, fungi are beginning to be understood as nutrients to the human consciousness and ecological sustainability. This guy here explores mycology and compels support for your own good nature and our fungal allies. Do you find this as fascinating as I do?

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5 Responses to Fantastic Fungi: The Spirit of Good

  1. sarah says:

    Thank you for doing this. You are inspirational. THANK YOU!


  2. Angel says:

    Beautiful and amazing, thank you for being a voice in a world of noise


  3. tamera castellanos says:

    U keep sending me this. But it show nothing only hear them


  4. Rich says:

    homo sapiens have practiced sustainability
    sometimes in the past. We really don’t have much
    choice NOW!


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