Best Dog In The World Tucks Baby!

What a lucky mom, with a helper like this everything seems easy. This dog is the best babysitter ever, so kind and loyal. And these two are going to grow up to be friends forever, don’t you think?

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8 Responses to Best Dog In The World Tucks Baby!

  1. Miguel Martinez says:

    Muy simpático el perrito


  2. P says:

    This dog is trying to bury the baby not tucking it in in a loyal and loving way. The cautious way the dog sniffed at the baby’s face should be your first clue. The scooping motion is how the dog pushes dirt on whatever it wants to bury and then it uses the tapping with its nose to pack the dirt down. I see this several times a week with one of my dogs who likes to bury her toys. I’d keep an eye on this dog just to be safe.


  3. Cesar M. says:

    Really? Dogs are pack animals. It is protecting the smallest of the pack. Dogs don’t bury things in your bed unless you train them too.


  4. My little dog does the same if I have a blanket on me. So sweet


  5. cindy says:

    My golden retriever does the same thing with her “babies” in the basket and also hiding her bones in the house. So cute to watch. I don’t think you have to worry. You know your dog’s temperament.


  6. cindy says:

    Btw Cesar m. My Golden buries her bones and treats in our bed and we never trained her to do it. Just letting ya know 😉


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