The Perfect Video for Veterans Day

These Army soldiers deployed in Afghanistan saw a video the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders made in honor of American soldiers and decided to reply with one of their own… I gotta say… the ladies should definitely see this video…You’re welcome!

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8 Responses to The Perfect Video for Veterans Day

  1. George Edward Goode says:

    I went w him for 6yrs. He wouldn’t tell me exactly what was his record was.


  2. George Edward Goode says:

    I went w him for 6 yrs. He wouldn’t tell me what his record was exactly.


  3. Tami Fauth says:

    Just would like to know for my own self.


  4. Patty says:

    Thats was.awesome they did an awesome job. Thats was also.hott lol


  5. Dorothy says:

    That was so great.. made my day. A extra special thanks to those men serving our county & their posItive attitude doing that video. Lol loved it. Be safe & make it home safe to all u.. Best wishes & much respect& love…


  6. Karen griffiths says:

    its great to see that amidst the brutality of the conflicts the guys and girls are caught up in can still have down time and have fun. It must have taken a lot of practice to put this together. Thank you lads from an English fan. Stay safe and get home to your loved ones xx


  7. Lilijawati karja says:

    Wah ,benar2 menarik videonya, saya izin simpan y, terima kasih


  8. diana fegarido says:

    cute….great sense of humor. good choreography and terrific dancers.keep safe and godbless you all.


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