Girl Plays Hide And Seek With Giant Dog!

Watch as Sebastian, a giant Newfoundland dog, puts his tracking abilities to use in the family backyard as he attempts to find Sierra, this adorable little girl, while they play Hide and Seek….. Do you think Sebastian is just pretending he didn’t see her? 🙂

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4 Responses to Girl Plays Hide And Seek With Giant Dog!

  1. alanjryland says:

    Probably! Haha, this is too adorable!


  2. maddy says:

    Hahaha …..soooo cutee…..yeah i think he is pretending 🙂


  3. Helena says:

    No he doesnt pretend. I think he just is not a verk good tracing dog, my dog has the same. We play hide and seek and its like her nose doesnt work as well as others dogs.
    She looks exactly like that, smelling around in the same area over and over again, and she doesnt see me from far because she is stuck in sniffing in the same place, going in circles. If i hide on top of somerhing it takes her ages to find me, i dont think dogs have the instinct to scan an area looking in all directions.


  4. Bren says:

    Reblogged this on Weekday Ramblings and commented:
    So cute… Love this dog pretending he can’t find the little girl ❤


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