Suspicious Late Night Roadblock…

Ivan Tukhtin posted this video to youtube. In it he shows dashcam footage of a disturbing incident that appears to take place just after midnight on Sunday.

It happened on 78 West before the turnpike… Scary to think what could have happened…

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8 Responses to Suspicious Late Night Roadblock…

  1. Whats suspicious to me is that this guy had a dash cam. He most likely set the whole thing up.


    • Josh says:

      So you’re saying that all the cops who have dash cams set up everything they film?

      You sound like an idiot when you say things like this.


    • Lawrence Fairbairn says:

      I couldn’t agree more.
      Why would anyone want to film the journey?
      It doesn’t make sense.


      • Percílio says:

        usually when you have that kind of camera in the car, is filmed from the moment it leaves the car to a stop, the system serves to protect the driver also for accident cases.
        by google translate because I do not know English, sorry any error


  2. Clara Eisnaugle says:

    Never stop. Call 911 and report and move on.


  3. John says:

    Dash cams are being used more these days to prove most accidents weren’t the fault of the driver. What was weird was that for a dark road, this guy didn’t have his high beams on.


  4. theladygold says:

    @Clara Right. Why didn’t he/she report it?


  5. Fran Alibrio-Curran says:

    Never stop in a situation like this, since the person could hijack your car or rob you! Drive off and call 911 to report it. Fran


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