Kitten Vs Spider!

For Halloween, This guy decided to scare his kitten with a remote controlled spider. Her reaction is hilarious.
Who will win… the cat or the spider? By the way the kitty and the spider have become best friends. She is now sleeping and cuddling with the spider.

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6 Responses to Kitten Vs Spider!

  1. The best part is at 1:22 when the kitten is just playing with the spider’s leg’s and the spider’s like “Get off me!”


  2. Saw this play out in real life while visiting relatives in Anna, TX. Kitten encountered a tarantula in the front yard. When the kitten got too close, the spider would rear back and raise his front legs to expose his fangs. The kitten would jump at the sudden movement. The spider resumed his walk and the kitten approached again with the same result. After a few times, the owner went out and rescued the kitten. A tarantula bite could seriously harm a small critter like the kitten. Texans are used to them and generally just shoo them out of their yard.


  3. Gwen says:

    Yes, would have been better for the remote toy to NOT be a poisonous insect. Kitty may just encounter a real one with disastrous results. I don’t think the owner thought about that or perhaps he did and it didn’t matter.


  4. Blaine says:

    I like that that was cute send more please


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