The Real Life Wolf Man!

Shaun Ellis, 47, had devoted his life to eating, sleeping and living with a pack of wolves. Such was his dedication to be like his wolf friends that he rarely washed, only ate meat and often slept in a muddy enclosure with his wolf friends. But after meeting Isla, 30, at a friends house the couple hit it off and wed in a Native American wedding last September. And incredibly, Isla is now being taught by her new hubby how to live with – and like – a wolf. What do you guys think about this couple?

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3 Responses to The Real Life Wolf Man!

  1. nycspeeddating says:

    Really good vedio and the theme. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Mary Willett says:

    It is their choice of how they want to live. Just because their choice is different from most of what we would make his wife had a choice and she has made this one for her own.


  3. tim says:

    I think shaun is an amazing inspiration and wish him and Isla a lifetime of happiness in their pack


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